Thank you all for a wonderful 16h Stream!

I so look forward to seeing you all again Monday morning. I will be playing some FTB Infinity Expert from about 6am-12pm as stated on my event calendar. I am still considering an afternoon schedule, but the morning means I get to wake up early, and I can raid folks at noon whom I know regularly stream then. I may also be involved with projects I can do around noon whether online or here at home. Always busy somehow.

So, I’d love to play some non Minecraft games. Feel free to reply to the twitter alert of this article with suggestions. I currently own I’d love to play Ark, but it’d have to be on a server and itd have to be on almost lowest settings to be playable for me.

Thanks again <3 See you soon!

Hello, here is your overdue update on all things itanshi

I have been streaming somewhat regularly pending more on life obligations than outright video card crashes. Whenever I get a crash, I reinstall the driver and it seems ok for a few days or so. I am looking to replace it this year with possibly a GeForce 960 2g model. It will be a whole lot better than what I have.

I have subscribed to Weallplaycast and am now playing on their FTB Infinity Evolved: Expert Mode Sub server. Its been a blast so far, but not with out some salt. As of this post, I need to smelt horses to make a blast furnace. I need to breed them. Yay.

You may notice new pages on this site. I now have a Discord account and I’d love to chat with you there. I also accept Streamtip. I have not provided my Patreon as I have not committed to it, just yet. I think Gamewisp is better for me in the long run so expect a page referring to that. Also, I have a page for ways to support me.

I will soon have have profile pages for my modpacks. I am accepting gameplay screenshots, artwork etc for them. They will be put on display and credited to you on these pages. On that note, I have updated 3 modpacks: Gears of Arcanum, Garden of Hamsters and also my new, mostly stable 1.8 modpack, Magewrath. Please enjoy them and feel free to express your thoughts on my Discord or twitter.

My new stream schedule will be 6am CST until 12pm CST starting Monday November 23rd. I decided to not have an evening stream. I will hand out cookies at start of each stream and for every 25 viewers. If you all arrive early, I will likely gain transcoders. More likely before 8am CST. I am considering game giveaways. I’ve not decided on the best way, but I am enjoying some methods I’ve seen as of late.

I am also considering my style of broadcasting. I’m laid back, I don’t always talk. I also get sound delays due to maybe hardware limitations. I’d love to learn more about optimization. Of course after I get a new video card, I will be doing more tests. Going forward with a webcam, I’m likely to have a trusty pair of sunglasses as I want that to be part of my theme. I’m also likely going to keep my beard. I like being shaved, but I’m rarely ever in a hurry to do so and it may be fun to grow it out once again.

I’m also considering adding another game to my regular schedule. I’m not confident when it may be put in my schedule. Maybe I’ll do 3-4h of one and switch to the other. I’d also like to see how my new vid card handles certain games, like Ark. I also want to play more Rocket League and Duck Game with viewers. This may be added to my weekend schedule which has been mostly a Saturday night thing. I’m looking to get a new controller, actually.

I also wish to have a calendar added to the site to be refferenced by my bot. I’d love to have a set in stone schedule for the entire week. Great things are coming, you are an important part of it! See you soon!

My PC is unwell. Streams are TBA

I ran a bunch of tests and scans. All I can say is, i don’t know how to fix it. Mostly, I wish to replace the whole thing. I wish to save up for quality hardware. I may not stream for some time. I couldn’t say until when. I ask for your patience and understanding. I will return better than before. Take care. I will be found in various streams, twitter and on Discordย I will also host people from time to time, so show them some love. Who knows, I may even return with a face cam for the heck of it.


Anxiety is much like trying to hug a cactus. You don’t really know anything until you do it and it might still hurt. I mean, maybe its more like a bed of nails to the unfamiliar. I mean, as a lover of physics, I know it won’t hurt, but I’ve never done it. I’m sure I might hesitate a bunch. Still, its the shear amount of effort and maybe even fear for no given reason. I couldn’t even excuse myself for however I might feel or act. its just a thing I need to fix myself and I can only do it by force. Much like a martial art, the motion must be practiced until it is an instinct.

I’m sorry for those that might be troubled by my issues. I may need a good kick in the pants some days. Maybe everyday. I can not expect it of others, but just throwing that out there.

Why I abandoned politics

Simply, I used to be huge into politics since the turn of the century. I can be a bit of a masochist when it comes to complex issues such as working with Windows or Linux. Arguments of a political or religious nature have been things I enjoyed way too much and for the most part I’d like to think I’m burned out on it. Its more like waving a bottle of liquor in the face of a recovering alcoholic. It needn’t even be mean spirited and I may not even take offence. It just feels like I don’t want the topics addressed, because I want it too much and I’d have a lot to say and not everything inside my mind should be heard ๐Ÿ˜€

I seriously wish people would get involved in politics as its your life they are selling. I still vote, but I also acknowledge if everyone I knew online were as invested in their own life’s sake and took it to their politicians; I’d have nothing to watch and no audience. It feels like and maybe it ought to be a full time job to give a damn. I wish you luck finding a good way to compromise. I also pray to RNGesus those in power don’t screw it up too bad. That is all on this topic.

My methods for optimizing Minecraft

These are things that I am familiar with, but do take them as suggestions. This is for 1.7.10 Minecraft, but may still be relevant to you.

  • Ensure that Java is set at a high priority in task manager
    • I use process explorer
    • If you reset java due to a crash or restart, it likely reset to ‘normal’ priority
  • Use between 3.5-6 gigs of ram.
    • I use 4 gig, I have 8 total
    • Using more is not better, but a resource pack could maybe use a little more. Use F3 to judge it
    • Do not use more than 6 as Java garbage collection can then reduce performance.
    • Do not use all of your ram you have as other processes need it
  • Make sure you have as few intensive processes running in the background
    • I use Firefox over Chrome. I’ve had FPS lag from chrome when playing a twitch stream in background.
  • Small thing, but Lighting
    • Redstone in 1.8 do not cause lighting updates when flashing. In 1.7.10 add torches to keep lighting at one level.
  • Fastcraft
    • This deals with lighting updates and can dramatically improve performance
  • BetterFPS
    • Might help, try it out
  • Optifine
    • I don’t use it, but some folks have had good results
  • Reduced view distance
    • Setting view distance to 8 is a good minimum. Any lower and you may get more chunk errors.
    • Server settings trump your own
      • Actually, if you are at say 10 which is the server default and the server is set to 8, but a player or block loads a chunk in a range of 9 or 10, they will load for you. I’d recommend being at the server default.
  • Pregenerating map
    • If the map has been pregenerated, the load on your PC and or Server will be less when playing
  • World Border
    • If you set a max size to the world, you can regulate travel by players
  • Restrict dimensions
    • Any mod that can create a dimension should be disabled in some way on a server. It can and will cause issues.
    • Also any dimension you teleport to, like the Twilight Forest can and will cause a mass time out due to loading many new chunks at once.
      • I’d pregenerate the dimension and use world border on Twilight Forest. Its notorious for causing mass time outs. Its a lighting update issue with vanilla MC. Too many surfaces.
        • Actually, any map that has a great deal of surface area, like Amplified or Fun World Gen will lag badly due to surface area lighting update issues.
      • Also, don’t pregenerate The End, you might not get a dragon spawn.
  • Chunk loading
    • Any form of chunk loading can and will cause issues
    • Also, be sure that any contraption you build stays within one chunk as if part of it unloads, it can cause bad issues. I’ve crashed a server when I logged off before because of this. Use F9 to check with NEI installed.
    • View distance set server side will also reduce chunks loaded by players when active
  • Flight and high speed travel
    • Consider restricting or reducing this as this allows a player to load chunks rapidly and may cause a server timeout for everyone.
  • Teleportation
    • Not a huge issue, but even admin initiated teleports can cause lag due to loading chunks around the player all at once. I imagine if the area you went to was chunk loaded before hand, this would be reduced.
  • Entities should be reduced or restricted
    • Item frames and similar
    • Too many creatures and too many loose items in world
    • Also, pipes getting clogged or say Le Gamel Chatel Flags
    • Collisions by too many animals in a small place
    • Auto crafting and machines constantly running
    • Mob farms left on
    • Squids ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  • Flowing liquids
    • Open blocks tanks, smeltery basins, and waterfalls int he world to a lesser degree
      • Actually, its well known that the tinkers basin when fluid is in it, it causes its chunk to reload. If the chunk is busy, this will degrade performance.

If I missed or misrepresented anything, please feel free to tell me on twitter.

What I hope from this website.

I’d like to do an article everyday. It may be of any length and of any topic. I’ll try to frame it in a relevant way to the gaming enthusiast audience I expect to have. This will also be where I post news and announcements. They will also be linked to on twitter, so you may subscribe to this RSS feed or your app of choice with Twitter.

Also, for the sake of my sanity, there will be no registration on this site. I have made it as secured as I could and that had to go. Thank you for your understanding.

At some point will be a way to see how you may support me and a bot command will reflect it.

I will also at some point host minecraft servers at There are none at present. I hope to add servers instead of replacing older ones, but that will depend on user input, use, and cost. I have it in my mind to assign a region file to a player so that their region may be downloadable in hopes to alleviate the issue with a too large world download. I also hope to feature custom modpacks of my own design for players to enjoy.

I also wish for a fanart page, maybe even fanfiction, cause heck why not. I write fanfiction sometimes :3 or at least I hope to finish what i started about a decade ago. I find myself unable to tell a short tale lately let alone a big one. I do love the original characters I have created.

Who knows what will come. I hope to see you there.

Hello, let me introduce myself

I am known online as itanshi. Phonetically the i’s are long e’s and the ‘a’ of ‘tan’ is like in the word, ‘spa’, but with some accents it may be like the color, ‘tan’. If you want to be even more accurate to the Japanese language, the second syllable is ‘voiced’ a bit more than the others. I’m sure there is a better way to explain it, but man English class was a decade ago. I’m amused at the different attempts at my name, please feel free to get it wrong.

Now, the word started as a replacement for my retired role playing names I used to go by. If anyone calls me out on those names I will probably laugh in your face. I wanted something short, edgy and unique. I searched for ‘heresy’ in the Japanese dictionary. Now, maybe it was because of a Nine Inch Nails song or something in the news at the time. I researched the term a bit on Google and fell in love with its context. When a school yard child bullies or marginalizes their peer, essentially. So despite the common ground, the children still need someone to be type cast, even if they share the traits. This can be being bookish, athletic, or whatever. I saw in this word a macrocosm of human behavior. Indeed if this is the gamesmanship of school yard children then it is true that teenagers and adults of all ages may stoop to their unprofessional behavior. I hope to have the term be more widely known and discussed as it may go a small distance to explain the untoward behavior of some of our peers.

I have been a consummate gamer since the epic release of the Super Nintendo. I have been a PC gamer since games on DOS featuring a Gorilla and his exploding banana. I replaced Sesame Street on TV with Number Munchers in the classroom. I have been a fan of Carmen San Diego and owe it most of my knowledge about Space and the solar system. I have attempted to make video games on and off, but I can only say that hats off to the fine folks that can get their pixelated game up on Steam. It is hard work to match your ambition against your wits and knowledge. I have played Doom 3 and Team Fortress 2 for more hours than I’d like to admit.

I found out about Minecraft a bit late. I guess I hadn’t thought to take it seriously. A friend had a server to play on and I got the invite, so I bought it. Best thing I made besides my crappy castle with an enormous statue of my character beside it was a double zombie grinder. Pure chance I found it, was right by my first base which was built around a random bed I found. I had hoped whomever slept there last might wake up in a house, alas, nothing came of that. It has been about 2 years of playing Minecraft, so I started at the transition from 1.5.7 to 1.6.4 modded seasons. I watched hundreds and hundreds of hours of videos. I followed all of Hermitcraft and eventually moved on to Mindcrack and the Zipkrowd. Youtube recommended a player of Agrarian Skies 1 which I was considering playing at the time. Since then, I have been a supporter of Purplementat for about a year. I owe everyone I met on Twitch and on the servers Purplementat has hosted for my knowledge and experience of broadcasting and playing the wonderful game of Modded Minecraft. I learn more everyday and I look forward to days to come.

My 1 year Twitch anniversary is December 12th. I’m hazy on the exact date, but that’s pretty close. I, like many streamers, installed Nightbot and had a horrible internet connection. I arguably still do, but it has had 1 upgrade and I hope for another. To those 2 folks that followed me on that day or maybe the next day, thank you once again :D. Seriously, thank you everyone for your support on Twitch and I hope to grow with you all and put on a truly great show. I know I am a bit rambly or a bit too quiet at times. I never know what style to do, so I wing it all the time. I hope whatever I might grow into is a fit for you ๐Ÿ˜€

Plans for the future? I plan to have a webcam and green screen. I wish to upgrade my mic, keyboard, headphones and perhaps even 2 new desktop PCs so I can split streaming and gaming between them. I’m a lover of puzzle games and I play a mean game of Tetris. If I could start my mornings playing puzzle games and Minecraft in the evenings with everyone, I’d be so happy. I know that puzzle games don’t get much love, but I will add them to my schedule some day.

Oh, a bit of an extra thing. I like to keep my name lowercase as it looks more symmetrical. I will never claim to have OCD as, well, I don’t have it. Like many players, I may be picky about silly things like this. I’ve heard someone say it once, that it might be a case of AtD or Attention to Detail. So, I may mention this from time to time as its just a much better term and truly non medical.

I wish everyone to have a great day and take breaks occasionally when you watch or game for hour son end ๐Ÿ˜€ I might need to be told to take a break ๐Ÿ˜› It doesn’t matter what game you play, just have fun! Tedium is OK too sometimes ๐Ÿ˜€